Rivetra Week Day 4 - Dream
I dreamt of Family
I dreamt of Peace
I dreamt of Freedom
Heaven and Hell


A/N: Forgive my strange interpretations of the prompts; this is what happens when you look up the words in the dictionary for inspiration.

If there’s one thing Petra learned from her years of military training besides how to fight Titans, it’s how to swear.

Soldiers seem to be quite fluent in curse words, and though a large portion of her friends before she joined the military were boys, she has never heard such creativity in the usage of swear words before. It’s kind of funny, really, learning all the different places people seem to believe things can be shoved up, all the various insults one can be called in relation to one’s family, and many other similar things.

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Rivetra Week Day 2: Letters


Rivetra Week 2014

Prompt: Letters

Rating: T

Note: My computer’s fixed! :)


Dear Father,

I’m finally at the end of basic training. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it through, but I did it.

However, I have some bigger news than graduation, and I’m not quite sure how you’ll feel about it. I have decided to join the Survey Corps. I know we originally agreed that I’m to join the Military Police, but this feels right. I’m needed in the Survey Corps and I can do so much more.

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Rivetra Week Day 3: Alternative Theme - Flowers


Levi isn’t exactly a poetic individual, but he can say one thing.

Petra is like flowers.

She is bright and vibrant like them, has a colorful personality and decorative voice and is simply a being that renders him speechless, like he doesn’t have to be his usual self.

Her eyes are like fire lilies, with dewdrops sparkling in amber-dyed irises. Her hair is like a cascading waterfall of amaryllis petals, flaring bright in soft breezes that reveal her rosy cheeks and her tulip skin. Her nose is the bud of a poppy and her eyebrows are the shredded hues of a sunflower. Her fingers are delicate like zinnias, slender like snapdragons, and grip into his back like thorns as her honeysuckle lips press against his.

She zips through the sky like marigold leaves and fights with a fury as violent as a violet. Her tongue tastes like aster and her breath feels like tickling daisies and her shampoo is of lavender.

She is his forget-me-not, and for now, Levi will indulge in the idea that the prettiest flowers will never wilt and die.



Levi comes to without warning, pushing himself up before the dizziness overtakes him and sends him back down to his pillow.

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Sick Days


Rivetra Week Day 3: Flowers

When Levi woke up that morning, he could tell that there was something very, very wrong. Sitting up, he felt extremely light headed and there was a disgusting taste in the back of his throat.

There was a sudden knock on the door. “Captain?”

Levi cleared his throat experimentally and winced. “Come in.” It came out as a mangled croak, and he groaned.

Petra entered, a worried expression on her face. “Um, I think you’re sick, Captain.”

He glowered and sank into his pillow. “I can tell, thank you.” Talking hurt. A lot.

“You’d better rest for the day,” Petra frowned. “I’ll bring you some tea. It’ll help with that throat.”

Soon enough, Levi was surrounded by countless tissues. He wanted nothing but to be able to close his eyes and forget about the mess he couldn’t currently clean up.

Unfortunately… his squad had other ideas.

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Salt On Our Wounds


Rivetra Week Day 3: Demons

“You’re kidding me.”

“I’m not.”

Petra raised an eyebrow. “Your face looks the same either way, how can I tell if you’re being serious or not?”

Levi sighed and nervously rubbed his head. “If I show you, will you believe me?” She nodded, and his eyes suddenly melted into pitch black pools.

“Holy crap,” Petra breathed.

He quickly returned his eyes to their normal state. “Voila,” he said sarcastically.

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