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Prompt: Survive

A/N: This is the first prompt for Rivetra Week and yes I know it’s super late but I’ve finally gotten around to posting them on here. I do have them all finished on my account and there’s a link to it on the sidebar of my blog if you’re interested. Anyway I hope you enjoy ^w^

Petra awoke to the faint rays of light peeking through the curtains; opening her amber eyes, she noticed Levi sleeping next to her using his arms as a pillow with the rest of his body sitting on the wooden floor. She attempts to sit up but cries out as a wave of pain shoots up her back, causing her to slump back down into the bed. Hearing her cry, Levi awakens with a jump from his light sleep and immediately moves to sit on the bed.

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Rivetra - Letters


A/N: Put up during Rivetra Week, taken down for revisions…

He could feel his eyelids beginning to sag for what had to be the third or fourth time that night as he attempted to finish the massive pile of paperwork that Erwin had assigned a few days ago. As always, he had waited until the last minute, or, according to his wall clock, the last four hours and 40 minutes.

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prompt: letters



During meetings he tends to doodle. It’s a terrible habit, he knows. Sometimes Erwin catches him and frowns. Sometimes people call his name and he looks up and says something snide while covering his drawing to save face. And sometimes he just closes his notebook altogether to avoid any further temptation.

Today they’re discussing a budget or something else that involves big numbers, so for all he knows it might be about death rates.

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prompt: supposed to be enemies


Levi takes the news surprisingly well, staring at Erwin, thanking him, and then silently moving toward the door. He nods when Erwin asks if he’s okay and he simply walks away when he tells him to stay. Levi glides past Hanji and past Mike and only pauses at his own desk for a few seconds to grab his coat. He presses the button for the elevator and waits, silent and contemplative, not hearing Hanji call his name to stop him from leaving. When he gets down to the garage, he walks over to his car and settles into the driver’s seat. There he pulls out his phone and dials his wife’s number.

He doesn’t even flinch when he hears her phone ring from the backseat.

Turning around, he finds Petra on the right, her legs crossed, her head turned. There’s a gym bag beside her – likely packed with clothes and passports and other weapons – and he snorts wryly at the sight of it.

“Going somewhere, Mrs. Ackerman?”

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RW: Survive


Levi tightly grasped the handles of his 3DMG, quickly maneuvering through the woods. The enemy was among them, that much was certain. And he knew that if that bitch was in fact among them, that she would go to Eren…and his squad. Levi quickly picked up the pace and flung through the trees, looking around for his squad anywhere. These god damned trees made it hard to see anything at all. As he swung over a clearing, he spotted something…no, somebody, dangling from a branch. As he swung by, he glanced down and saw that he knew exactly who it was.

Gunther hung lifelessly from the branch, left with only a look of shock and horror on his face. He was dead.

Before Levi could think, he heard an extremely loud explosion from not too far away. He looked forward once again to see steam rising from above the trees.

“There you are, you fucking bitch.” Levi scowled and squeezed the handle triggers tightly, swinging faster to the site. His squad had to be there…

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RW: Rememberance


Her scent is everywhere.

All over his clothes, his sheets, his personal belongings….

He can’t get rid of her.

Her smile is everywhere. 

No matter what he thinks about, she is always there.

He can’t get her out of his head.

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RW: Letters


He carried a bouquet of flowers in his arms as he walked. They were a bright and fiery orange; tiger lilies….her favorite. They reminded him so much of her; her bright ginger hair, her fiery spirit… He often wondered why she liked such a strange and unusual flower that closed itself away at nighttime. Most girls liked roses, but not Petra. In fact, Petra was never like most girls. And that was one of the things that attracted him to her the most, regardless of the age gap between them.

He looked out among the graves, and there were many graves. Some of them actually held bodies, but most of them didn’t, sadly. Many Survey Corps soldiers didn’t even make it back home, and if they did, it was rare and usually they were missing a few body parts. He walked among the different memorial stones, each one donned with different decorations; flowers, stuffed animals, letters…

And then he found hers.

Petra Ral.

He sighed. She was one of the many who had an empty grave; however this was the closest he would ever get to her again so…

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prompt: lies


The clothes she came in were thrown out considering how tattered they were when she first arrived, so he brings a skirt and a blouse from her personal items. She’ll be going back to her father’s for an indefinite amount of time, so there’s no need for a uniform. And from what Petra’s told him in the past, her father doesn’t quite like the image of his daughter in her military dress.

Levi also brings along Petra’s brush because her hair is more or less a tangled mess. He brings the scented lotion she liked to indulge in and the ribbon her mother gave her long ago just in case she wants to put up her hair and the book she had been reading before the expedition, bookmarked two thirds in. Lastly he brings the chain she always wore around her neck but that he removed before leaving her at the hospital, something bronze and dull and adorned with a clock-faced locket that once belonged to her mother, a protective medallion of Rose that her father gave her when she joined the Scouting Legion, and a golden wedding band twisted to look like rope that he gave to her when he decided that she was the most important thing in his life.

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In which Levi wishes he hadn’t let go.

A/N: So old, originally for Rivetra week. Would have been ‘dream’.

The low rub of metal on metal surrounds him with the sound of rushing air, invading his mind—and it is -as always with such adrenaline-, a heightened sensation. His chest is tight and heavy as sharp, charcoal orbs flit about, falling on one, after another, crumpled, broken, bleeding form. Their eyes all glazed and passed from this world; lifeless, cold and— the pain furthers in his chest, in his gut, in his lungs as his speed increases, as the thought of finding her becomes all that fills his mind. Gunther, Erd, Auruo- gone. Yes, gone. Oh, and where is she? The last to be found, or rather, maybe he would prefer not to find her here. No, with Eren. With Eren. She’s with Eren.

If only that were true. The rough rasp of leather on tree bark scrapes his ear drums- he’s found her… with the others, as she always is… always was. His chest grows ever tight, and it’s as if he’s the one that isn’t breathing. His lungs refuse oxygen. Charcoal orbs peer into lifeless, tender, copper eyes, staring up at him with a cracked spine from the rippling grass below. Her amber fringe plays at a brow that is broken and upturned, her body collided with the tree bark on the silky earthen carpet, her pink lips slightly agape and pouring -as does her nose-, crimson in streams up her freckled-spiced cheek, painted with the speckled splay of lighted dots and shadows that break over her through the thicket above, casting splotchy patterns over her otherwise porcelain face. She is… such a contrast of beauty and disgust, rough and soft, life and death and he wishes he didn’t know this woman. Oh, but he does. All too well. It grows so vivid, the pain in his gut, the swirling sensation in his chest, the regret and anxiety that drown him-.

"Levi! Levi! LEVI!"

He’s startled awake, chest heaving, forehead dripping; the room feels as if it were aflame, the air he exhales no different. Sharp, widened, charcoal orbs beneath a broken brow fall over her form next to him; there’s fear and pain and sadness painted in those honey eyes.

"Levi. It’s all right. It was-"

His arms snake around her form so tightly, it grows hard to breathe, but she makes no complaint, eyes softening. “Le-Levi…”


She doesn’t need to ask him what’s just transpired in the nightmarish world of his mind, for that which plagues him is always the same the evening before expeditions. And with Eren tomorrow, she imagines it to have been only worse. Her free arm strokes gently at the shaved part of his undercut, intertwining her porcelain legs with his within this sea of sheets,ensnared by his muscular form as though she would cease to exist should he let go.

He wishes he hadn’t let go.